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Bel Mooney

As a child

I grew up in a flat with my parents and brother. We didn't go away much, just for a few days out on the beaches of the north-west. When I was nearly fourteen we moved south to a small town in Wiltshire, and at first I really missed my wonderful city. But I soon made friends and loved the girls' grammar school where I did really well academically. All through my childhood I had a passion for two things: reading and painting. Books and art are still my passion - although I don't paint or draw any more. My childhood was a bit lonely because I felt different to the people around me, and I always knew I had to prove myself.

As an adult

I went to University College London where I studied English Language and Literature - with the intention (I think) of becoming a teacher. In my second year I got married and started to write some student journalism. I suppose that was the start of the rest of my life - because I have always been a journalist and love it. Later I wrote some novels for adults and made programmes for radio and TV, as well as writing my children's books.

As an artist

I have to work at home, and my home has been my inspiration in many ways. My series of Kitty books came out of family life (Kitty is my daughter - grown up now!) and the novels for older children were written very much with my own children in mind. Now my series stars Bonnie, my adorable tiny white dog. I have two desks at home in two different rooms, and she has a basket by each - just to make sure I keep working! I write on an Apple Mac (well, two...) and once I get going I am pretty fast. But I suppose that's the journalistic training.

Things you didn't know about Bel Mooney

  1. I love Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
  2. My favourite colours are purple and turquoise.
  3. I can sew and embroider.
  4. I can remember lots of poems and pop lyrics.
  5. My best friend is my Maltese dog, Bonnie.
  6. My ambition is to go on writing until I am old.
  7. My husband is a photographer and we work together.
  8. I love clothes and jewellery and 'looking good'.
  9. My favourite buildings are churches.
  10. I wish I could sing really well.

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