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Briony May Smith

As a child

I was born in Berkshire would play with my little sister and brother in the garden as much as possible. We’d pretend to be shapeshifters, fairy creatures and jungle dwellers. We were all very close and had several pets: guinea pigs, a rabbit, chickens, fish, ducks, cats and dogs. I was the oldest and would make them draw their ‘characters' before we could play our games!

As an adult

I did a Foundation Year at UCA Farnham, followed by an Illustration degree at Falmouth University. Cornwall was a really wonderful place to study with beautiful surroundings right beside the sea. I started the course in 2011 and graduated in 2014. I have always wanted to work on children’s books but made sure to try as many different specialties of illustration as possible during my degree. I knew that narrative illustration, children’s literature and graphic novels were the areas I wanted to pursue.

As an artist

I have always loved fairy tales and folklore, mythology and the natural world, and my interests and passions in art follow these themes too. My work is driven by narrative, with a focus on children's literature and graphic novels. I work from home because I’m very easily distracted in a studio space! In 2015 my first picture book ‘Imelda and the Goblin King,’ was published by Flying Eye Books.

Things you didn't know about Briony May Smith

  1. My favourite colour is yellow.
  2. My favourite animal is a deer.
  3. Half my family are from Ireland.
  4. I like climbing mountains.
  5. I have a dog called Finbar.
  6. When I studied in Falmouth I went swimming with a weekly club in the sea all year round, even in winter, in just a swimming costume! In February it’s the coldest and the dip is only for about five minutes if you can stand it!
  7. I have a very sweet tooth.
  8. I take my sketchbook with me everywhere.
  9. I broke my wrist when I was thirteen tripping over a hose in my rollerblades.
  10. I’ve worn glasses since I was three.

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