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Carolyn Crimi

As a child

I was a shy and quiet child. This surprises people who know me now, since I am very friendly and enjoy being loud at times. I really wanted to be one of those rough-and-tumble tomboys, but I could never work up the nerve. I secretly admired sassy, naughty kids, which is probably why I like writing about sassy, naughty characters now. I loved writing adventures about my stuffed animals and told everyone that I wanted to be a children’s book author when I grew up. Gee, look what happened!

As an adult

The things I loved as a child are the things I continue to love as an adult. I still love to read for hours on a rainy day. I still love to write stories for children. I still love to draw. I still love to watch cartoons and I still love animals. A few things have changed, of course. I’m bigger now and I’m married. I wear nail polish and sometimes even … a suit (gasp!). But the things I enjoyed then are the same things I enjoy now.

As an artist

I’ve written all kinds of things – poetry, novels, non-fiction and picture books. I have to say though, that I enjoy writing funny picture books best of all. Do you know what I really hate to write about? Myself. Which is why I’ll stop right here.

Things you didn't know about Carolyn Crimi

  1. I own a pug who enjoys eating rocks and pennies.
  2. I collect good luck charms and old teddy bears.
  3. I hate wearing shoes.
  4. My husband and I sometimes eat blueberry pie for dinner.
  5. I am scared silly of rats but love writing and reading about them.
  6. I like to start my mornings by reading a new poem.
  7. I have lots of nicknames including Cat, Crimboni, Crims, Lini and Pom.
  8. Lucille Ball is my idol.
  9. The only thing I take seriously is writing funny books.
  10. I often laugh in my sleep.

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