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Christine Davenier

As a child

I was born in France in a little town in the Loire Valley. My parents were teachers, so they had a lot of time to share with me and my two sisters, of whom I was the younger. My older sister used to read us many fairy tales. I grew up in a house with a garden and I was very close to nature. I had a very happy and quiet childhood.

As an adult

I have a daughter now and I raise her by myself. I try to give her a lot of my time. I studied in Paris and have now been in the 'Capitale' for twenty-five years. I am an adult now, but I feel the little girl I used to be very close and very intensely inside of me. That's why I love to illustrate children's books I guess!

As an artist

I like to work here in my apartment in Paris. I have a little room especially for my work. It is full of what I love: books, music, pencils, paintings, cards, wood, colours, papers... I like the fact I need solitude for my work. Each new book makes me very excited.

Things you didn't know about Christine Davenier

  1. I like chocolate (a lot!).
  2. I hate noise.
  3. My favourite colour is green.
  4. I like enthusiastic people.
  5. I love children and old people.
  6. I like American people.
  7. I love my daughter.
  8. I like candlelight.

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