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Gillian Tyler

I was born in the winter of 1963 in the coal mining village of Thurnscoe in South Yorkshire, England. I have 3 sisters and we were all obsessive about making things, writing, illustrating and making clothes for ourselves and our toys. We created our own worlds and played and entertained ourselves all day. I was fascinated by nature and loved to be outdoors. I always filled the house and garden with my finds, drawing and painting them whenever I could. My first illustrations were for wildlife magazines but my imagination often took over and led me to the wonderful world children's books. The first children book I illustrated was 'The Good Little Christmas Tree ' by Ursula Moray Williams. Since then I have collaborated with Allan Ahlberg, Dori Chaconas and Michael Rosen. I also exhibit regularly with the Chris Beetles Gallery in London. I have two boys and I live with my husband and my dog 'Hector' who accompanies me in my studio in Midhopestones in Yorkshire. It's an inspiring place to live with a stream at the bottom of the garden and walks in the woods outside our door. I'm close to nature and that's what I love and where I want to be. Three thing that you might not know about me are 1; I was born in a snow storm and my Dad couldn't get to see me for three days. 2 ; I have one thumb that is much shorter that the other. 3 ; My grandma told me that I am a direct descendant of Robin Hood the Earl of Loxley.

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