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Julian Norton

I was born in Castleford- a West Yorkshire coal mining town. A million miles from the green hills of Yorkshire where I spent most of my working life. I studied at Cambridge University, which I loved! Everyone there was good at something. Most people seemed to be brilliant at everything! I started writing in 2015, as series 1 of The Yorkshire Vet aired. Eight things we didn't know about Julian: 1. I hold a world record for Indoor Rowing 2. I represented Team GB for age-group Triathlon 3. I have opened two new, independent practices- Sandbeck in Wetherby and Thirsk Veterinary Centre. 4. I am a keen ski mountaineer and have climbed the Matterhorn 5. I have a pancake for breakfast nearly every morning 6. I don’t like snakes. At all. 7. I’m trying to learn French, but I’m pretty terrible 8. My favourite pastime is mountain biking.

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