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Julie Lacome

As a child

Julie grew up in villages (Newport-on-Tay and Wormit) in Fife, Scotland. Her father was a lecturer at Dundee College of Art, and her elder sister was a student at Edinburgh College of Art. She followed in her family’s footsteps, enjoying drawing, painting and making things from an early age. The rest of the time she spent playing with friends in the woods and on the beach, especially in summer, and was outside from dawn to dusk.

As an adult

It was a natural progression to go to art college when she left school – she didn’t consider anything else! On leaving, she immediately started her career as a freelance illustrator, stretching her arms carrying her portfolio to show to prospective clients. These included greetings card manufacturers, the BBC (she worked for a short time on children’s TV for Playschool) and a range of children’s book publishers. She is still at it twenty-one years later, and is currently enjoying the challenge of working on a large scale, as her current commission is to paint a mural for the Netherbow Arts Centre in Edinburgh.

As an artist

Julie has illustrated over thirty titles and won a number of awards, including one for Ruthie’s Big Old Coat, which she wrote and illustrated. Her early work was completed in turn-paper collage, which allowed her to experiment with colour, patterns and texture. Recently, her work has been completed using a line drawing approach, which allows her to develop characters in a more humorous style.

Things you didn't know about Julie Lacome

  1. I have a cocker spaniel called Poppy.
  2. I am a vegetarian – I love salads and chocolate.
  3. I like cycling.
  4. I love rabbits!
  5. I live in a top-floor flat full of plants – very sunny.
  6. I enjoy going to cafés for cappuccino breaks.
  7. I like working at my big desk, listening to music.
  8. I love going to the cinema and getting lost in a good film.
  9. I enjoy taking Poppy for walks along the beach, listening to waves and the birds.
  10. I like to escape to Scottish islands on the ferry for holidays.

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