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Martin Waddell

As a child

I was read to a lot as a child by people who knew how to read stories. These stories came alive for me, and the love of story has stayed with me ever since.

As an adult

I’ve been blown up, buried alive and had cancer as an adult, and survived all these experiences, so I’m a very lucky man. I live where I lived as a child, and nearly all my stories come from things that have happened to me here, at the foot of the Mountain of Mourne.

As an artist

I work in an old stone barn beside my home, and dream my stories in the garden and on long walks on the beach in front of my house. I never write anywhere else. This is where I belong.

Things you didn't know about Martin Waddell

  1. I can wiggle my ears.
  2. I am a very noisy tennis player.
  3. I had a cat that could open doors.
  4. My dog hears my stories before I write them.
  5. I scored a hat trick on my debut in adult football, but wound up as a goalkeeper.
  6. I used to run a junk stall.
  7. I like bringing up egg-shaped stones from the beach to my garden.
  8. I like apple tarts.
  9. I hate onions.
  10. I’m a happy man.

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