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Rae Earl

As a child

I come from Stamford in Lincolnshire. It’s where a lot of TV and films are shot because it hasn’t changed much in 500 years. My childhood was like most people's - a mixture of lovely and very odd. Lovely because I spent a lot of time with good friends, music and tadpoles. Odd because I spent a lot of time worrying about everything – like war, murderers and poisonous mushrooms (don’t ask). I was a bit weird. Like we all are.

As an adult

After school I went to Hull University to study English Literature – which I LOVED. At that point the government actually still gave you money to study – so I GOT PAID to READ BOOKS for 3 years. I then worked in radio for 15 years. Firstly as the person who makes the adverts (all those annoying jingles that stay in your head for DAYS – that’s me!) Secondly as a breakfast presenter. I got to interview lots of famous boy bands and once nearly broke Cheryl Cole’s chair on stage. We don’t talk about that. I got in trouble. I’ve always written things but most of them were actually slightly rubbish. Or they were about people and I never wanted them to see it. I don’t think I was any good at writing till I was 35 and that was after a lot of practice.

As an author

I have a shed in my back garden I go to. It’s full of brilliant things – like a mini stable and horses, loads of stationery and a giant old railway station clock (slight ‘Dr.Who’ vibe). My first book ‘My Mad, Fat Diary’ was published a few years ago. Hattie is my third. My second is potentially the best book ever written since Shakespeare – but I can’t make it work so at the moment it’s just a bit rubbish. I haven’t given up hope though.

Things you didn't know about Rae Earl

  1. I think Melon is evil.
  2. I’m the only one in my family that doesn’t have a tattoo (even my 70 year old mum has a flower on her back and a bodybuilder on her bum –true!)
  3. Every time I go to the beach I collect shells and try to make something. It’s always rubbish.
  4. My favourite word is ‘Spoon’.
  5. My favourite affectionate insult to call a friend that has done something stupid is a ‘Spoon’.
  6. The end of the film ‘The Railway Children’ makes me not just cry but SOB hysterically.
  7. I’ve worn Converse All Star boots since 1987 (not the same pair though – urgh!)
  8. The only things I can cook are Pasta bake and Jelly.
  9. I’ve watched ‘Coronation Street’ for 35 years…..and counting!
  10. The thing about me that annoys my husband the most is when I shout at people on the TV. Like they can hear me.

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