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Richard Jones

As a child

I was born in Coventry in the West Midlands but moved to Leamington Spa in Warwickshire when I was 8. I feel very fortunate indeed to have had a great childhood – lots of walks in the country, lots of friends around and a little dog to keep me company.

As an adult

I moved down to Devon in the mid-90s to study Art at the University of Plymouth whose art campus at the time was in Exeter. Aside from a month or two after graduation I’ve stayed down here ever since! After graduating in illustration I opted to stay on at the college for a further 4 years to read for a PhD. It was a very exciting and demanding time but I loved the luxury of having reading and thinking for a job! While studying I also worked in Exeter’s main library, spreading my time between the reference department and the children’s library. The library at the time has a phenomenal collection of antique children’s books dating back to the 17th century and I spent as much time as I was allowed cataloguing and preserving the collection. However, I think it was working in the children’s library that reignited my love for picture books and it was around this time when I put my hand to writing and illustrating for children once again.

As an illustrator

I work in a little room at the front of my house. I live on the edge of a field and I’m lucky enough to have an enormous oak tree at the bottom of my garden. Published books include Feelings and Town Mouse, Country Mouse, both of which were made with the author Libby Walden and The Snow Lion with Jim Helmore. I’ll be beginning my own story with Walker Books sometime soon.

Ten things we didn’t know about Richard Jones

  1. I’m a vegetarian.
  2. I love dogs of all sorts but somehow have acquired a cat…
  3. I love to swim in rivers and the sea.
  4. I have been badly stung by a jellyfish. TWICE.
  5. I once rode my bike into the side of a hearse. Yes, it was occupied.
  6. I spend too much time on my PS4.
  7. I used to dress as a bear for children’s parties.
  8. My favourite food is salad.
  9. I love walking through long grass but I have hay fever.
  10. I was once peed on by a lion.

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