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Sam Stern

As a child

I was raised in good old Yorkshire with three fantastic sisters and one brilliant brother. One of my first memories is of making my mum's famous treacle bread with her and opening the oven to see it. The smell was unbelievable!

As an adult

I’m at University studying politics and sociology. All that cooking is really useful now I’m catering for myself and my mates every day.

As an artist

When I write I just like to chill. Sometimes it's so easy and the words just come flooding out. Other times I get frustrated. I like to write(and cook) to music because it helps everything to flow. I like to be creative with my writing but the cookbook had to be really short and sweet. Recipes have to be clear but you need room on the page for photographs. Sometimes you don’t get to say all you want to say. It is really hard to cut it down sometimes.

Things you didn't know about Sam Stern

  1. I wanted to be a vet or a fireman when I was a kid.
  2. I like football and going to the gym.
  3. I'm about 6 feet tall.
  4. I like all music.
  5. My favourite foods are chocolate mousse and roast chicken.
  6. I would like to go to China and Japan.
  7. I can't get enough Tapas and Dim Sum.
  8. The only foods I can't hack are peppers and poached Salmon
  9. I am learning to play acoustic guitar.
  10. I am always up for a challenge.


Sam Stern

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