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Steve Voake

As a child

Steve Voake grew up in Midsomer Norton, near Bath, Somerset. His early ambitions were to play football for England and to be a bomb disposal expert so that he could blow stuff up. His favourite pastime was racing home made go-carts (and crashing them) with his friends.

As an adult

After studying for a degree in philosophy, Steve sold ice-creams in the south of France before becoming a primary school teacher. He spent eight very happy years as headteacher of the 'Jack and Jill' school in Kilmersdon, Somerset. The original well from the nursery rhyme can still be found in the playground at the top of the hill.

As an artist

In order to find time to write his first novel, The Dreamwalker's Child, Steve used to get up at 3 a.m. and work for several hours before anyone else was awake. He has written two sequels, The Web of Fire and The Starlight Conspiracy. Steve became a full-time writer in 2005, but still finds that he gets more done if he gets up early!

Things you didn't know about Steve Voake

  1. He once threw dry ice into the sea to make smoke and sell more ice-creams.
  2. He had a guinea pig called Hammy because he thought it was a hamster.
  3. He won an award for Best Comedy Performance at Bath Drama Festival.
  4. His favourite animals are prairie dogs and meerkats (joint winners).
  5. He loves to play the guitar.
  6. His favourite colour is blue and he hates celery.
  7. He forgot to concentrate during a parachute jump and nearly landed in a river.
  8. He is the cousin of author/illustrator Charlotte Voake.
  9. He thinks peanut butter and banana sandwiches are a match made in heaven.
  10. He doesn't eat them very often because they would make him tubby.

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