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Tanya Landman

As a child

Tanya Landman used to spend a lot of time up trees (with a skipping rope tied around her waist), hoping to turn into a monkey. She spent the rest of the time rescuing snails, righting beetles and burying the birds that the cat brought home.

As an adult

Tanya studied for a degree in English Literature at Liverpool University before working in a bookshop, an arts centre and a zoo. Since 1992 Tanya has been part of Storybox Theatre working as a writer, administrator and performer – a job which has taken her to festivals all over the world. She lives with her husband, Rod Burnett, and two sons, Isaac and Jack, in Devon.

As an artist

Tanya had no ambition to write until Waking Merlin popped into her head a few years ago; but now she can't seem to stop writing! She says it's the best job ever – being allowed to spend hours staring into space, daydreaming...

Things you didn't know about Tanya Landman

  1. Tanya once had a pet pig called Tilly.
  2. She now has a ferocious Siamese cat called Edgar.
  3. She can make a horse's top lip go all floppy.
  4. She loves swimming in the sea, but is a total wuss about cold water and has to wear a wetsuit even in August.
  5. In years and years of school PE lessons, she never ever managed to hit the rounders ball.
  6. Or the tennis ball.
  7. She knows how to scratch a pig until it gets faint with happiness.
  8. She is scared of heights.
  9. She can milk a goat.
  10. She is kind to spiders, even though she is scared of them.

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