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Tom McLaughlin

As an adult

I was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but I've spent most of my life down in the west country. I studied illustration at Falmouth and ended up staying in the south west, first working at a regional newspaper where I was a satirical cartoonist, then as a freelance writer and illustrator. Illustration came late to me, I was about 14 when I really started to enjoy art and design and it was even later when I really started to write, I didn't really get going until I was in my 30s.

As an author-illustrator

<p>When it comes to writing, I can work anywhere, a shared workspace with other freelancers, or a cafe, as long as I have some earphones I can switch myself off and lose myself in the words. I usually illustrate at home on my drawing board, I shut myself away with pens, paper and plenty of coffee.</p> <p>As an author and illustrator</p> <ul> <li>The Diabolical Mr Tiddles (S&S) </li> <li>The Story Machine (Bloomsbury) </li> <li>The Cloudspotter</li> <li>Up, Up and Away</li> <li>The Accidental Prime Minister (OUP) </li> <li>The Accidental Secret Agent</li> <li>The Accidental Billionaire</li> <li>The Accidental Father Christmas</li> </ul> <p>As an illustrator:</p> <ul> <li>Catch That Rat (S&S) </li> <li>Captain Buckleboots Series (Puffin) </li> <li>Chicken Nugget Series</li> <li>Hot Dog Hal (Scholastic) </li> <li>The Sheep Won't Sleep (Egmont) </li> <li>Old MacDonal Had A Zoo </li> <li>The Odds Series (Stripes) </li> </ul>

Ten things you didn’t know about Tom McLaughlin

  1. My top three cheeses are Parmesan, Brie, Mozzarella in that order!
  2. My favourite football team is Newcastle United (don't laugh).
  3. I have a french bulldog, his ears are so big he once got mistaken for a rabbit.
  4. I've never had a Big Mac.
  5. I don't like spiders, I don't trust anything with more legs than me.
  6. I like train journeys, it gives me time to think.
  7. My favourite flavour of ice cream is peanut butter.
  8. I don't like people who use "lol" at the end of sentences.
  9. When I was little I used to enjoy wearing top hats and bow ties.
  10. When I was little I wanted to be Batman.

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