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Tony Bradman

As a Child

I was born in south London. My childhood had its ups and downs - my parents got divorced when I was seven and there was lots of difficult family stuff. I lived with my mum and sister and didn’t see my dad much for a while – all of which has left me with an interest in families, and particularly relationships between dads and their kids.

As an Adult

I went to state primary and secondary schools in Penge and Beckenham, and lived in Penge until I went to University I worked hard at school and got a place at Cambridge (Queens’ College). I met my wife there, and we came back to south London where we’ve lived ever since. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, and I started off as a journalist. We had three kids, and I started reading children’s books to them, so it was a natural progression for me to review children’s books as well. I began to write my own books soon after that, and I haven’t stopped since.

As an Illustrator/Writer

I work in my study at the top of our town house – my desk is in front of a wide window that looks out onto trees and the park beyond. I’ve published over 200 books for children: collections of poetry, picture books, re-tellings, fiction for all ages.

Things You Didn't Know About Tony Bradman

  1. My favourite shoes: a pair of brown suede brogues I bought in a shop called … Author! (of course)
  2. The thing I hate most in the world: Marmite!
  3. My favourite place (at the moment): my study, sitting at my desk and looking out at the great view.
  4. I once ran through a plate glass window (by accident) and lived to tell the tale.
  5. My favourite book: The Eagle of the Ninth, a Roman Britain story, by Rosemary Sutcliff.
  6. Another thing I hate (second only to Marmite): sweetcorn!
  7. My favourite song (at the moment): Highway to Hell by AC/DC.
  8. I actually don’t know exactly how many books I have written (I always say "over 200" but it could be more).
  9. My favourite colour always used to be green, but these days I’m very fond of a kind of dark-purply red ("Plum").
  10. I have always wanted to buy a reproduction Viking sword but my wife won’t let me (’"oo dangerous to have in the house").

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