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Veronica Bennett

As a child

At the age of thirteen, I was given a typewriter for Christmas, and began to write a novel. For years, I wrote – stories, poems, at least three versions of that first novel – but it was several decades before I found the courage to show anyone my work. Once, my English teacher said of one of my “creative writing” efforts, “Is this the beginning of a novel?” “Of course not!” I protested. I suppose I blushed though.

As an adult

I love literature – English, or translated from another language. Words in any form fascinate me and are my life’s passion. I even do crosswords to relax, as do many of my colleagues in the department of English, at the college where I lecture. We just can’t leave the language alone! Literature is about people, of course, and that’s why I’m a novelist – I love people too.

As an artist

Titles come to me out of the blue, almost in my dreams. Once I have a title, everything else falls into place. I know the character, the setting and the beginning of the story immediately. Then the hard work begins: planning the rest of the story, rewriting and rewriting tricky bits that won’t go right. But as I write, however difficult I may be finding it, I am never, ever bored. Writing a book is the least boring thing in the universe!

Things you didn't know about Veronica Bennett

  1. I love gardening. My patio pots and hanging baskets are very special.
  2. My grandfather, a violinist, was booked to play on the Titanic, but he gave the job to a friend instead.
  3. My daughter, my husband and I are all the same star sign – Pisces.
  4. I have lived in Israel, Spain and Canada.
  5. I can play the piano.
  6. I hate Chinese food, but love rice and vegetables.
  7. Every morning, I sneeze at least six times.
  8. I talk to myself a lot, or to people who aren’t there.
  9. My favourite movie star is Harrison Ford. I love him.
  10. Ballet is my favourite, but I like opera and musicals too.

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