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  • Quentin Quentin

    Quentin Blake

    A children's author and illustrator, most well-known for his illustratrations for books by Roald Dahl.
  • Harry Harry

    Harry Bliss

    An award-winning cartoonist and cover artist for The New Yorker magazine.
  • Serge Serge
  • Gary Gary

    Gary Blythe

    A Kate Greenaway Medal-winning artist who has illustrated numerous books for children.
  • Jo-Ellen Jo-Ellen
  • Silvia Silvia
  • Helene Helene

    Helene Boudreau

    I Dare You Not to Yawn was inspired by my cheeky daughter who will do anything for a laugh. When she was about four years old she would open her mouth in a very theatrical fake-yawn at the dinner table then smile and see if her yawn would catch on. Soon, we'd all be yawning, and laughing, and vowing we would never fall for her trick again. But of course, we always did.
  • Marc Marc
  • Ed Ed

    Ed Boxall

    Francis the Scaredy Cat was Ed's first book and was inspired by his own scaredy cat Robin, and a vivid dream he had as a child, of a big black panther living in his back garden.
  • Frank-Cottrell Frank-Cottrell