Ada, Look at My Teeth!

By Daishu Ma

Open wide and say "ahhh" – Ada is looking at TEETH! Explore and play with Ada and her colourful animal friends in this happy, playful board book series.

Ada wants to see her friends’ teeth! Lion has pointy teeth ... Mouse has teeny-tiny teeth ... and Elephant has HUGE teeth. Everybody is different! But there’s one thing everyone has to do – brush their teeth, and get ready to show them off with a big, toothy SMILE! Babies, toddlers and parents will love this charming story, featuring the ever-curious Ada and her colourful animal friends! Perfect to read aloud again and again, this sturdy board book teaches a gentle lesson about friendship and kindness. Perfect for fans of Where’s Spot? and Dear Zoo. Look out for more books in this series: Ada, Are You Ready?

Categories: Books for Babies

For readers aged: 0+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Board Book
  • ISBN: 9781529517385
  • Published: 05 Sep 2024
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 170 x 170 mm
  • Pages: 24

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