How Watson Learned the Trick

By Arthur Conan Doyle

A charming and exquisite recreation of the miniature Sherlock Holmes story from the library of Queen Mary’s famous Dolls’ House, on display at Windsor Castle.

This lavish cloth-bound gift edition faithfully recreates in beautiful detail the Sherlock Holmes story Arthur Conan Doyle wrote especially for the Library of Queen Mary's Dolls' House in 1922. In this classic story, Watson tries to mimic Holmes's mastery of the art of deduction with very funny results, making this a book for both adults and children to delight in. Alongside the miniature book, which measures just 38.5 x 30 mm, the edition also contains an informative booklet with a transcript of the story and information about the Dolls' House. Queen Mary's Dolls' House is the largest and most famous of its kind in the world, and has a library containing miniature works by all the major writers and artists of the day.

Categories: Novelty Books

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406345971
  • Published: 02 Oct 2014
  • Price: £12.99
  • Size: 175 x 150 mm
  • Pages: 24

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Customer reviews


'Exquisite' Bookseller Children’s Guide

'A delightful curio which will please Holmes enthusiasts and those interested in miniatures. It's beautifully produced and carefully thought out.' The Book Bag

'A beautiful facsimile of the unique original is a real treasure.' The District Messenger, newsletter of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London

'This beautiful facsimile of the unique original is a real treasure' The Sherlock Holmes Journal

'A quirky little package that will interest children of nine-plus who enjoy the unusual' Newbury Weekly News

'It truly is a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift which fans of Sherlock of all ages will be overjoyed to receive.' Junior

'Faithfully recreates in beautiful details the Sherlock Holmes story . . . a book for both children and adults to delight in ' The Green Parent

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