India, Incredible India

By Jasbinder Bilan

Illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti

Journey across the diverse regions of India in this beautifully illustrated introduction to the culture and history of this incredible country and its people, with words by a Costa-winning author.

The first work of non-fiction by multi-award-winning author Jasbinder Bilan, brought to life by artist Nina Chakrabarti, is a joyful celebration of India and its people, places and wildlife. Watch elephants bathing from a houseboat in Kerala, marvel at ancient cave paintings in Bhimbetka, wander through Delhi’s bustling streets, and ride a train through the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya. Uncover India’s fascinating history and culture, and explore the unique mix of the traditional and modern that makes India the incredible country it is today.

Categories: Non-Fiction

For readers aged: 6+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406395426
  • Published: 06 Oct 2022
  • Price: £14.99
  • Size: 288 x 248 mm
  • Pages: 80

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Customer reviews


'a visual pleasure, a celebration of tradition and modernity and a book to make readers dream of exploration.' children's book of the week, Sunday Times, Sunday Times Ireland

'[...]in her first nonfiction title, Bilan celebrates India’s people and places, revealing what makes the country so special and vibrant.' The Bookseller

'this colourful, evocative journey through India […] does a superb job of conveying the vast scale, variety and richness of the subcontinent, touching intriguingly on its wealth of wildlife, food, festivals, dance, scientific innovation and history.' Guardian

'This book can be dipped into, read at length or can be explored in as many diverse ways as there are regions in India. Every time the covers are opened there is something new to discover. Readers will be able to almost see and smell the wonderful things which are being described. Through the pages, they can travel in their thoughts and widen their horizons and grow in knowledge, creativity and ideas. Curiosities will be sparked, questions will flow, and imaginations will be fired up.' IBBY UK

'A truly stunning book to pour over for hours.' WRD Magazine

'Featured in Pen & Inc Autumn/Winter 2022 listings, highlighting the best in diversity and inclusion in children's books.' Pen & Inc

'Featured in the CLPE October Books Roundup' CLPE

'An amazing book with something for everyone. If you’re lucky enough to have a school library, this should be on the shelf.' Childrens Book Sequels Blog

'readers will discover something of the history of Delhi, where ancient and modern sit side by side; see some of India’s amazing and diverse wildlife, be astonished by the beauty of some of the architecture […] I suggest you get a copy, read it and start planning your visit.' Red Reading Hub

'India is an incredibly diverse, vibrant country, a unique mix of ancient and modern, and this book does an amazing job of conveying the size, variety and richness of this intriguing sub-continent.' Through the Bookshefl

'India Incredible India is a treat from start to finish. It is almost impossible to see this book without picking it up and getting lost in its pages. I hope this gets into the hands of many young readers and on to the bookshelves of many schools and libraries.' Book Murmuration

'A priceless addition to every primary and secondary school library, and a key text in units of work focussed on the country, its geography, history and culture.' Just Imagine

'Bilan manages to get under the surface of her fascinating country, bringing it alive through the pages of this book. Beautifully illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti, India Incredible India is a must for any primary classroom or school library.' The School Librarian

'A vibrant array of aspects of India, inviting readers to dip in. […] A positive picture of the variety of life and cultures in India encouraging further exploration.' Books for Keeps

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