Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good

By Louie Stowell

Packed with doodles and cartoons, this is the wry, witty and very funny diary of Norse god Loki and the trials of being trapped on Earth as a weedy eleven-year-old boy.

After one prank too many, trickster god Loki is banished to live as a "normal" school boy. If he can show moral improvement within one month, then Loki can return to Asgard ... and if he can't? Then it's eternity in a pit of angry snakes. To keep track of his progress, Odin has handed over this magical diary in which Loki is forced to confess the truth. (Even when that truth is as ugly as a naked mole-rat.) As if moral improvement and the indignities of school weren't challenging enough, Loki is banned from using his awesome godly powers and (even worse) must put up with Thor tagging along and making him look bad. Anyone reading Loki's diary is about to learn that this is one god who hasn’t a clue how to tell good from bad, trust from tricks, or friends from enemies...

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406399752
  • Published: 03 Feb 2022
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 240

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Customer reviews


'This bad boy’s journey is a laugh-out-loud delight, packed with cartoons and footnotes, perfect for fans of The Wimpy Kid.' The Daily Mail

' outrageously funny […] Sharp wit, ethical dilemmas, sly mythological references and oodles of doodles are a recipe for pure reading pleasure. ' Guardian

'Often laugh-out-loud funny, this is an irreverent romp through practical moral philosophy, like Netflix’s The Good Place with more snarky cartoon snakes.' Observer

'“Defiantly childish and silly – and all the better for it.” ' SFX - five stars

' I devoured this hilarious doodly diary by the immensely talented Louie Stowell. So funny and magnificently clever. Learned about Norse mythology too which was a bonus! Right up my street, I'd thoroughly recommend Loki for comedy lovers 8+. Out Feb 2022. ' Jen Carney, Author of Accindental Diary of B.U.G.

' This side-splitting tale, which contains an abundance of references to Norse mythology, is hugely entertaining from start to finish. A great choice for reluctant readers, it is generously illustrated with witty black-and-white cartoon drawings, and the daily diary entries break the text into manageable sections. ' BookTrust

' I loved it! Fantastically fresh and funny. I can’t wait for more! ' Andy Shepherd, Author of The Boy Grew Dragons

' Forget Thor, it's Louie who really brings the thunder with this book. Action-packed, smart and very, very funny. ' Rob Biddulph, Author of Draw with Rob

' This Loki is no wimpy kid, he’s an (anti)hero you’re going to LOVE! ' Phil Earle, Author of When the Sky Falls

' So much love for this book - witty & wonderful… it’s Louie Stowell of course! ' Lu Fraser, Author of The Littlest Yak

' Absolute privilege to read this early. Loki is banished to Earth in body of 11 yr old boy & condemned to behave. But he's the God of Mischief! Brilliantly astute, effortlessly hilarious - could there possibly be a glimmer of goodness in Loki?! ' Nicola Penfold, Author of Where the World Turns Wild

' Punchy, fast-paced and blimmin' brilliant. LOKI A Bad God's Guide to Being Good has you chuckling at every page turn full of witty remarks and hilarious characters. Read it. You won't be sorry. And that's the honest truth; the book would be sure to tell you otherwise! ' Laura Ellen Anderson, Author of the Amelia Fang Series

' I didn't know I wanted to read about Loki as a disgraced god forced into an Adrian-Mole-esque existence, but it turns out I do! Such a brilliant idea. This book is extremely funny, highly original and packed with quirky doodles. ' Nadia Shireen, Author of Grimwood

'smart, witty and absolute genius' AM Dassu, Author of Boy, Everywhere

'Laugh out loud funny, whip-smart observation, totally original & all round EPIC.' Hannah Gold, Author of The Last Bear

'YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK, or may you get bitten on the bum by a snake, which could totally happen.' Jamie Smart, Author of Bunny vs. Monkey

'hilarious, clever, addictive and so full of heart that I truly didn’t want it to end' Annabel Steadman, Author of Skandar and the Unicorn Thief

'hilarious, page-turny and packed with mischief' Rashmi Sirdeshpande, Author of How To Change The World

'A sheer doodle-filled comic delight.' Dominique Valente, Author of the Starfell series

'a sheer delight [...] as accessible and readable as Wimpy Kid but just so much smarter and tons more fun' Piers Torday, Author of The Wild Before

'Loki is a hilarious and heartfelt read the promises an excellent and far from low-key series to come!' LD Lapinski, Author of The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series

'clever and subversive and accessible and anarchic' Sophie Kirtley, Author of The Wild Way Home

'so funny and brightened my day, so any reader who loves Loki and Norse Mythology will get so much joy out of this, it’s something light to read that will leave you smiling for hours afterwards' Coffee, Cups & Books Blog

'"Wickedly hilarious and subversively fun, Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Being Good is a laugh-out-loud delight with all the fabulously addictive weirdness of the original Norse mythology. My kids and I can't wait to see what happens next!" ' Stephanie Burgis, author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and The Raven Heir

' I absolutely loved it…and haven’t laughed this much over a book in ages. ' Fallen Star Stories

'Clever, original and very, very funny, this is the perfect book for Wimpy kid fans. With exuberant line drawings on every page, it hums with action, humour, heart.' Irish Independent

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