By Thomas Taylor

Is the writing on the wall for Eerie-on-Sea....? Herbie and Violet's fifth gripping adventure brings this internationally bestselling series to a heart-stopping climax.

It is midwinter once again, and the hosts of a paranormal podcast have descended on Eerie-on-Sea eager for a sighting of the legendary malamander. Herbert Lemon, Lost-and-Founder at the Grand Nautilus Hotel, is feeling uneasy – and not just because of the visitors. He’s plagued by unsettling dreams, and the head-splitting “Eerie Hum” that is reverberating through the town. Something is dreadfully wrong, and it seems to be emanating from Eerie's very core. Herbie and his friend Violet Parma will need all their courage as they head deep below the town to seek answers. Perhaps here, finally, they – and the malamander too – will discover the Deepest Secret of Eerie-on-Sea.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529502138
  • Published: 07 Sep 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 336

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Customer reviews


'Taylor's magical touch makes you believe the impossible.'

'The adventures are on a huge scale, full of drama and peril but lots of good humour too and the final revelations are as warm, satisfying and delicious as the fish and chips at Seegol’s diner on Eerie-on-Sea’s pier.' LoveReading4Kids

'Spooky and kooky, this fifth book is an epic conclusion to the series.' WRD Magazine

'A visit to Eerie on Sea is like putting on your slippers, wrapping yourself in a throw & snuggling up in your favourite reading spot with a heart warming cuppa.' NetGalley

'This was another heart-felt story that really dives into the meaning of family - from the lost, to the found. This was another delightfully charming adventure that I adored and loved seeing this series come together. I highly recommend this series to fantasy lovers of all ages! Especially those who enjoyed A Series Of Unfortunate Events, and/or Professor Layton's Games!' NetGalley Reviewer

'I properly enjoyed this: folklore, magic, friendship and secrets! What’s not to love?! I’m sad this series is over, but my gosh what a ride it’s been. These characters are just wonderful and it’s been a pleasure revisiting Eerie-on-Sea every year!' NetGalley Reviewer

'Make no mistake, this is a powerful, no-holds-barred tour de force of a conclusion. Everything comes together flawlessly and spectacularly. Nothing is half-hearted. Thomas really has poured his soul into this; that much is evident. […] middle-grade adventure or not, you’ll not find a better read out there now.”' Erin the Literary Cat

'This is a book that was as exciting – if not more than – the others, one that has some really scary bits that young readers will be thrilled by, and one that concludes with the most inventive of endings that answered many of the questions that fans have had since day one.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Mermedusa is the most enchanting conclusion to what has been a wonderful journey overflowing with adventure, hope, peril and magic. Eerie-on-Sea will always have a special place in my heart and I’m sure the books will be reread for years to come.' Scope for Imagination

'A truly stellar 5-star finish to the greatest middle grade series of all time. With every new book the mystery of Eerie-on-Sea just got more intriguing and twisted and I could not have guessed the spectacular ending to Mermedusa, finally answering the readers' many questions. It is a sad day that the series is ending, but cannot wait to see what Thomas does next. My instant recommend series for kids.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A glorious read. Yes the balance of humour is there again (which I have always enjoyed) but there is also definite tension and suspense […] Mermedusa is a superb and fitting ending to a brilliant series of books.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This series is just exceptional. The writing is exquisite and it keeps me on edge all the time.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Thomas Taylor has delivered a fabulously written book, with many twists and turns and exciting surprises. […] Congratulations Thomas, the Eerie on Sea chronicles are a triumph.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Mermedusa is a triumphal ending to this middle grade spooky mystery series.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I challenge you to find a better series of adventures that is also endearingly funny and totally heartwarming.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This was a perfect ending for the series.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Mermedusa is a triumphant conclusion to an absolutely fantastic series. 5 out of 5 stars.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This book brought everything together in a nail biting, monster laden finale worthy of the series, which I think is a classic. Would recommend all 5 books to anyone.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Being back in Eerie on Sea with its assortment of unique residents with their histories, strange happenings and most of all their community was a perfect ending to these books.' NetGalley Reviewer

'He whole series is filled with such heart and humour, (and more than a few chills). Wonderful storytelling and a perfect ending.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This may be my favourite adventure in Eerie-on-Sea but to be sure, I will go back and re-read the series in its entirety. I think it only right to spend more time with Herbie and Violet. It is a fantastic end to what has been a mammoth series.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I'm really going to miss Eerie-on-Sea! I'll definitely be recommending this book (and the whole series) in the library- I think this series is perfect for families to enjoy together, as well as for kids to read on their own (and even adults on their own!)' NetGalley Reviewer

'What an absolutely fabulous finale to this series. Full of the excitement we have come to expect and with a truly wonderful ending, which I didn't see coming until the very end. Fans will not be disappointed.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A fast paced, jam-packed thriller with all the quirks of the rest of the Malamander series.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A brilliant series full of great characters, monsters, mysteries and adventures.' Reading Zone

'Mermedusa is a stunning finish to what has been the most enjoyable series of books. Thomas Taylor cleverly draws all the threads of the story together, offering a satisfying conclusion to the mysteries of Eerie-on-Sea.' Reading Zone

'The book tied up all the unanswered mysteries from the previous book, showcased Herbie’s and Vi’s friendship perfectly, and kept the suspense going until the very end. Eerie-on-Sea will forever have a special place in my heart and I know that readers are going to be enjoying this series for years to come.' NetGalley Reviewer

'A heart-stopping adventure that brings the series to a satisfying conclusion. […] If you are a fan of fantasy, adventure, or mystery, then you will love Mermedusa. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys a good story.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This is a book – and a series – that will appeal to readers aged 10+ who love to mix high octane adventure with fantasy.' The Letterpress Project

'Action-packed, there are scary happenings aplenty, and some downright eerie ones.' Red Reading Hub

'A brilliant series full of great characters, monsters, mysteries and adventures.' Reading Zone

'Mermedusa is a stunning finish to what has been the most enjoyable series of books. Thomas Taylor cleverly draws all the threads of the story together, offering a satisfying conclusion to the mysteries of Eerie-on-Sea.' ReadingZone

'I wish I could give this series more than 5 stars. From start to finish it has been a pleasure to read. It ended in the right place. Nothing left out.' Toppsta Reviewer

'A fantastic ending to a brilliant series.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I’d highly recommend the whole series to anyone who loves stories packed with adventure, mystery and really wonderful story telling.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 13

'It had all the necessary ingredients; adventure, humour, excitement, scary bits and some great characters.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I really liked how this book was a mystery and you didn't know what was coming next. I really like the town of Eerie-on-Sea and how everything was different and unexpected there. I liked how lots of the chapters kept you on the edge-of-your-seat and dying to know what was going to come next.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 7

'I enjoyed this fast-moving plot which kept me turning the pages. it is full of suspense and delightful twists and turns. ideal for upper middle grade with a love of fantasy adventures with imaginative monsters.' Much To Do About Writing

'This is the perfect story for long winter nights covered up with a blanket. […] If you, like I, have been waiting a long time to find out the truth about the Malamander, there is no other reason needed to read this book. Just don’t skip to the last chapter. Enjoy the mystery, unfolding page-by-page, lick-by-lick just like eating an ice cream in the summer.' Kinkajous Read Too

'Set in a seaside town, surprisingly creepy and with a wonderful cast of eccentric characters and mournful monsters, the books are full of imaginative twists and turns and the conclusion is everything you’d want.' Books for Keeps

'Quite frankly the best children’s fiction books ever!' Great British Life and Suffolk Magazine

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