By Katharine Orton

Middle-grade fantasy adventure about a mountain kingdom and a vengeful witch from the bestselling author of Nevertell and Glassheart.

"Orton’s use of language is masterful." Reading Zone Eleven-year-old Erskin and her family are used to danger. As Guardians of their village, they live in the shadow of Mountainfell, a place of wild creatures and dangerous magic. But when the most powerful and dangerous creature of all – the fearsome cloud dragon – snatches Erskin’s sister away, Erskin must face her true fear and journey onto the mountain itself to bring her back. A terrible power is stirring there, and it is up to Erskin to save both her family and her home.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529503296
  • Published: 03 Nov 2022
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 320

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Customer reviews


'Mountainfell is an exquisitely imagined fairy tale that sizzles with magic and adventure, and is layered with thought-provoking themes of caring for the natural environment and embracing your own weirdness. With its sky-soaring dragons and terrifying witches, it is sure to delight fans of Abi Elphinstone. And its wild mountain setting, brave protagonist and endearing animal sidekick makes it perfect for fans of Nizrana Farook too.'

'Full of gorgeously wild and wonder-full magic, with a fierce and fabulous heroine and a powerful message at its heart.'

'A glorious, heart-warming, magical adventure! Lucy Strange'

'A wonderful fantasy adventure to sweep readers into a world full of dragons, heroism and magic' LoveReading4kids

'This is a delightful story with a feeling of Scandinavian legends running through it [...] At its heart it is a tale about family, love and friendship and how they can be tested by external circumstances.' Books for Keeps

'Featured in the Bookseller's November children's previews' Bookseller

'This was such a brilliant book I finished it in a day, not even eating until I’d found out what happened to everyone. It has everything! Dragons, adventure, family, friendship, discovered magic, dastardly villains, ecological crisis, and much more. [...] I really didn’t want this story to end and would love to see a return to this world in the future.' NetGalley

'a tale of magic, friendship, and love unfolds within the pages of the book.' NetGalley

'this is a beautiful story, perfect for confident readers in Year 5 upwards and one that I adored.' NetGalley

'This is one of the best children's novels I've read so far this year' NetGalley

'[Mountainfell] has the same immersive language, gripping plot, and thoughtful character development that I’ve come to expect of this author.' My Book Corner

'Erskin is 11 years old and will resonate with those readers feeling different and not accepted by those around them. [...] Mountainfell is also a gripping, fantasy adventure [...] shocking twists will sweep you up with that cloud dragon and not drop you until that exciting ending.' Check Em Out Books

'This is one of those books where you are desperate to discover how the breathtaking adventure turns out, but equally, you don’t want the story to end; it’s just so brilliant and for me Katharine Orton’s best yet.' Red Reading Hub

'captivating story.' Armadillo Magazine

'It was like I was sat on a rollercoaster with lots of twists and turns that made me excited to read the next chapter.' Vee (age 9), Kids Books Review, Books Up North

'This is a delightful story with a feeling of Scandinavian legends running through it [...] At its heart it is a tale about family, love and friendship and how they can be tested by external circumstances.' Books for Keeps

'Mountainfell is a sweeping tale of magic, friendship, dragons and how great it is to be yourself.' The School Librarian

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