Rex: Dinosaur in Disguise

By Elys Dolan

A comedy of errors starring the instantly-loveable Rex – the first book in a fantastically funny series for 7+ readers, from Lollies Prize winning author-illustrator Elys Dolan.

Rex is king of the dinosaurs: carnivores want to be him and herbivores want to be eaten by him... That is, until a pesky Ice Age comes along and he winds up frozen solid in a glacier. When he wakes up, 65 million years later, human beings rule the roost – and if they get their hands on Rex, he'll wind up in a zoo. (Or, worse: a MUSEUM.) Lucky for him, Rex isn't the only undercover creature in town. He's whisked out of danger by the one and only Bigfoot, who has been surviving among the humans undetected for years. Bigfoot and his friends show Rex how to get by in the humans' world, and soon there's only one thing left for him to do: GET A JOB. But that's easier said than done ... and with a meddling nine-year-old neighbour to deal with, and the constant risk of discovery, life couldn't be harder for a dinosaur in disguise.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781406397703
  • Published: 02 Jun 2022
  • Price: £6.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 240

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Customer reviews


'It's a laugh out read' Daily Mirror

'See what happens in this very funny story with adorable characters and plenty of food for thought […] Full of gorgeous pictures it is a great bridge from picture book to novel, but enjoyable for all abilities. I love it!' Primary Times

'Elys Dolan triumphs again, this time in the form of Rex, an out-of-time dinosaur […] Crazy, thoughtful comedy reigns. Elys’ writing is brilliantly funny, full of absurd situations and Rex is a captivating character; oh! there’s a super subplot too. The story also has subtle messages about tolerance, letting people live how they wish, and the vital importance of thinking for yourself. Full of giggle worthy details, the subtly coloured cartoon style illustrations are hilarious and there are occasional plans, maps and speech bubbles to keep readers engaged, further adding to the humour. KS2 readers will devour this.' Red Reading Hub

'Elys Dolan deals with a wide range of themes with humour and excitement in this illustrated story. Besides encouraging children to think about tolerance and acceptance, allowing everyone to be themselves, the story also encompasses friendship, family and fake news. An appealing, fun package which should attract young readers, this could be used as a class read aloud and to encourage reading for pleasure.' Just Imagine

'I like the comic strips and illustrations. I read it fast because I loved it too much.'

'This is a brilliant book for people that like dinosaurs or laughs.'

'A great book for newly confident readers across KS2, with nicely spaced text and clear, appealing illustrations.'

'This is a fantastic book! It's an ideal story for younger and older primary school readers. It's high quality paper and print makes a real difference for new readers. Ideal clear font size. […] Highly recommend'

'This absurd, hilarious book also has a serious message about tolerance and learning to live with strangers.' Blackbird Pie

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