The Rock from the Sky

By Jon Klassen

Look up! From the Caldecott Medal-winning creator of the Hat trilogy comes a new deadpan gem.

Turtle really likes standing in his favourite spot. He likes it so much that he asks his friend Armadillo to come over and stand in it, too. But now that Armadillo is standing in that spot, he has a bad feeling about it... A hilarious meditation on the workings of friendship, fate, shared futuristic visions, and that funny feeling you get that there’s something off somewhere, but you just can’t put your finger on it. Merging broad visual suspense with wry wit and existential silliness, celebrated picture-book creator Jon Klassen gives us a wholly original comedy for the ages.

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 4+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529503975
  • Published: 01 Sep 2022
  • Price: £8.99
  • Size: 260 x 197 mm
  • Pages: 96

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Customer reviews


'Saturated with Klassen’s characteristic wry humour, and ideal for children of four or five and up, it’s full of side-eyeing reptiles, shared imaginings, creeping suspense and narrowly avoided catastrophe.' The Guardian

'The writer and illustrator Jon Klassen has become something of a star following the trilogy that started with I Want My Hat Back , his spare, dry style offering a darkly different take on life for young readers while inspiring internet memes and even tattoos for the oldies. All will surely love his latest, The Rock from the Sky, a picture book in five vignettes with a distinct, absurdist flavour and Klassen’s trademark muted palette.' The Observer (The New Review)

'A new Jon Klassen is always a treat, and this deadpan gem will make you simultaneously laugh out loud and marvel at his visual wizardry.' The Bookseller

'Son (4): I really liked this book. It was really funny. I like how the animals shouted at each other lots. My favourite character was the one from space. I want to read it again. 82 stars out of 5. Dad: I thoroughly enjoyed this book as an adult and may have to borrow it from my son to take into my class! Klassen, well done! You've gained three more fans from this story who are certainly going to try and purchase your other books.' Toppsta

'The story is very simple, the artwork is remarkable and the story itself has a kind of sophistication that adults and kids both love. As with his other books, Klassen’s use of deadpan dialogue between two characters in short sentences brings so much humour, and the build-up of tension as to what will happen when the rock falls is absolutely brilliant.' BookTrust

'It is beautifully illustrated and the characters made me smile. It is a simple story on one hand yet can provoke lots of thoughts and discussion about a number of issues including relationships, fate and bad feelings. I can't wait to give it to my niece to read then chat to her about it afterwards. I would probably then ask for it back so that it sits on my bookshelf and not hers!' Toppsta

'His illustrations are a delight, Klassen’s style is so distinct. His characters are full, witty and colourful. […] I will treasure this book.' Toppsta

'This book was a thumbs up! It was funny but I’m glad the tortoise is OK. The pictures were my favourite bit, I loved everybody’s cool hats. Mum’s thoughts: We really enjoyed the story; it is unusual but a good read.' Books Up North

'Micro chapters make this unparalleled observational comic picture book a must have for any home or school library. Mild peril, high octane excitement and Jon’s much celebrated dead pan humour create pure magic in tis hilarious picture book.' WRD

'Jon’s extreme distillation of storytelling perfectly encircled with the subtleties of illustration make this an illustrated book of the highest calibre. […] Devilishly dark in humour with an unparalleled lightness of touch in its use of conversation this truly is a bookshelf essential' WRD Magazine

'This is a wonderfully simple story full of wry humour.' Juno

'Another wonderfully cool, understated, stunner from Jon Klassen […] This book about friendship, fate and survival – and, perhaps, where you choose to stand - will be enjoyed by anyone from 3 to 103.' English 4-11

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