The Threads of Magic: eBook (Reflowable)

By Alison Croggon

An atmospheric and riveting fantasy adventure, perfect for fans of Frances Hardinge and Cornelia Funke.

Pip lives on his wits in the city of Clarel. When he pickpockets the wrong man, he finds himself in possession of a strange object – a heart in a silver casket. What’s more, the heart seems to be trying to communicate with Pip, and the royal officials who lost it will stop at nothing to get it back. Pip has unwittingly broken an ancient spell, and his theft will have far-reaching consequences for the whole city. As the ancient war between the Spectres and witches of Clarel reignites, the heart prepares to seek revenge for all it has suffered… Alison Croggon conjures a rich, immersive world with brilliant and memorable characters in this captivating story of loyalty, courage and friendship.

Categories: Ebooks

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406394153
  • Published: 05 Mar 2020
  • Price: £7.99
  • Pages: 384

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Customer reviews


'A lyrical, poetic writer and a compelling storyteller.' Garth Nix

'A dark, rich, complex setting and plot, just teeming with the kind of prickly, hardened, sly (yet somehow utterly sympathetic) characters more usual in a Dickens or Susanna Clarke novel than children's fantasy. Every unexpected twist and turn brought a new delight or a new terror that dragged me – grinning and fearful – through this excellent, excellent, story.'

'Featured in Angels & Urchins.' Angels & Urchins

'Featured in Parent Talk.' Parent Talk

'Whilst not for the fainthearted, adventurous readers will relish the intensity and jeopardy of Pip’s exploits, which could act as a springboard to more adult fantasy fiction.' Booktrust

'It’s a beautifully crafted story […] The young protagonists are easy to befriend, acting believably bewildered, bothered, or brave in turn, and the villains are deliciously menacing. Fantasy fans will feel right at home in this magical, marvelous world.' Booklist

'the distinct characters and a vein of humor that ensures the story never takes itself too seriously are really where this novel shines […] another great story targeted toward a younger audience in this new page turner' Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

'Croggon subverts genre expectations and offers up multiple perspectives—both heroic and villainous—to weave a complicated tapestry of magic and sacrifice.' Publishers Weekly

'Readers will immediately settle comfortably into this deftly written high-adventure fantasy […] it’s a fun world to be in. The close buildings, cobblestones, and mucky streets of Clarel bring the Victorian gothic mood of Laura Amy Schlitz’s Splendors and Glooms to mind, while the worldbuilding and adventure will be enjoyed by Cornelia Funke fans. A great selection for voracious readers who aren’t yet ready for YA.' School Library Journal

'The intriguing, intricate backstory of how the Specters originated and why the Heart was created unfolds gradually, culminating in a fast-paced climax. A fascinating, fantastical cast of characters with competing interests and motivations adds richness to this suspenseful tale of unexpected alliances. Sinister assassins, ghoulish Specters, and feisty witches make this a rousing read.' Kirkus

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