Through the North Pole Snow

By Polly Faber

Illustrated by Richard Jones

A beautiful gift picture book about a little white Arctic fox meeting Father Christmas, charmingly illustrated by Richard Jones.

On a cold winter night a little fox burrows deep in the snow looking for something to eat and a place to rest. She finds herself falling down into a warm, cosy house and meeting a kind old man with a great round belly and a fox-white beard. As the months pass she helps him collect letters and make toys until Christmas Eve, when she is taken on a snowy, moonlit journey across the world and discovers who her new friend really is. This tender story of friendship brings home the true meaning of Christmas.

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 3+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406397673
  • Published: 03 Nov 2022
  • Price: £12.99
  • Size: 270 x 245 mm
  • Pages: 32

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Customer reviews


'When little fox goes looking for dinner, they find not only something to fill their belly, but also something to warm their heart. Stack this one up, its destined to become a new holiday classic.' A bookseller on Edelweiss

'This foxy spin on a beloved Christmas character will put readers in the holiday mood. This quiet, Santa-centric story is original, and holiday-minded readers will appreciate the unique angle. The cover art gives away the big reveal of the identity of the fox’s new roommate, but the soft, mixed-media illustrations and the expressive lines of the fox make up for the lack of mystery. As delightful and sweet as a candy cane.' Kirkus Reviews

'This is a lovely gentle story, filled with kindness and friendship and would be perfect during Christmas season to read aloud to children from 3-6-years-old, both at home and in the classroom.' Just Imagine

'"[…] exquisitely illustrated and tender."' the Tablet

'a lovely Christmas picture book and perfect to look at and read again and again. I would really recommend this book to everyone.' The Strawberry Post

'A gentle story, beautifully illustrated.' Blackbird Pie

'With the most wonderful of friendships at its heart, Through the North Pole Snow is a sweet and gentle festive story wrapped up in kindness and warmth. Richard’s delicate illustrations and Polly’s calming words offering an original and refreshing take on what Father Christmas gets up to when he’s not racing around the world delivering presents.' A Word About Books

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