Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black

By Marcus Sedgwick, Julian Sedgwick

Illustrated by Alexis Deacon

A lyrical and dreamlike story of two brothers in conflict amidst the devastation of WWII London.

Harry Black wakes in hospital to learn that his brother Ellis has almost certainly been killed by a V2 rocket falling during a German air raid on London. In a state of wounded delirium, Harry’s mind begins to blur the distinctions between the reality of the war-torn city, the fiction of his unpublished sci-fi novel and the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice. Driven by visions of Ellis still alive and a sense of poetic inevitability, Harry discharges himself from hospital and begins a search for his brother that will lead him deep into the city’s Underworld...

Categories: Graphic Novel

For readers aged: 12+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781406357929
  • Published: 02 May 2019
  • Price: £14.99
  • Size: 208 x 162 mm
  • Pages: 320

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Customer reviews


'“This book is a stunning work of art both strange and haunting.”' Scotman

'Ambitious, clever and intriguing, it will appeal to students who are confident readers and pupils studying art, classical civilization, history and English literature. It will also resonate with those who have an enquiring mind.' Reading Zone

'This fascinating and engaging story, told through prose, poetry and stunning black and white illustrations, takes on a surreal, fantastical quality - you are never sure what is real and what is imaginary. A thought-provoking and striking experience!' Carousel

'It is a challenging and, at times, confusing read as the complex plot, layers of meaning, different genres and ever-changing pace asks a lot of its young adult readers. It is worth the effort as the storytelling is bold, ambitious and profound. Not a book the reader will easily forget.' The School Librarian

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