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  • Daishu Daishu
  • Oti Oti
  • Amy Amy

    Amy MacDonald

    Author of the best-selling Little Beaver and the Echo, a book which has been translated into 26 languages!
  • Kady Kady

    Kady MacDonald Denton

    Author of A Visitor for Bear, about an unlikely friendship between a bear and a mouse. Working in an old tall yellow brick house, Kady is an author and illustrator whose books have won many awards and been translated into many languages.
  • Bryher Bryher

    Bryher Mackenzie

    Bryher Mackenzie is a collector of words and supervisor of lunches. When they are not tying laces, zipping zips or debating the tastiest flavours of popcorn, Bryher can usually be found where picture books are.
  • Carolyn Carolyn

    Carolyn Mackler

    A novelist typified for her fresh, frank and funny approach to teenage life as seen in The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things.
  • Lindsay Lindsay
  • Logan Logan

    Logan Macx

    Logan Macx is rumoured to be an ex-spy formerly with the British Secret Intelligence Service, specialising in cyber communications and unexplained events.
  • Erwin Erwin
  • Caroline Caroline