Tilly and Friends

Share the fun and adventure with Tilly and Friends! 

Tilly and Friends began life as a charming series of six books by acclaimed author-illustrator Polly Dunbar, and has now been made into a television series. Tune into CBeebies at 8am every day to catch it, and before you know it you’ll be doing the Wiggle Wiggle Woo! 

Step through the front door of The Little Yellow House and meet Tilly, a little girl who lives with her best friends – Hector the playful pig, Tumpty the gentle elephant, Doodle the apple loving crocodile, Tiptoe the little rabbit who loves to twinkle and Pru the fabulously glamorous chicken. 

There are six Tilly and Friends books to collect, take a look at them below.

Watch clips from the series, download colouring in-sheets and more at the CBeebies website. Or catch-up with some of the episodes on the BBC iPlayer.