Jane Eyre: Abridged for Young Readers

By Charlotte Bronte, Patrice Lawrence

A beloved classic adult novel skilfully abridged to inspire and engage a new generation of middle-grade readers, from a multi-award-winning author.

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am a free human being with an independent will.” As a young orphan, Jane Eyre is thrown upon the mercy of an aunt and cousins who are anything but merciful, and when they send her away to an austere boarding school for charity cases, it seems she will never be allowed to forget her humble beginnings. However, Jane has a quiet inner strength and resourcefulness, and when she take on a role as governess at Thornfield Hall, she quickly gains both the affection and respect not only of her young pupil, but also the child's guardian, the fierce and brooding Mr Rochester. Perhaps Jane has finally found the love for which she has always longed? But Mr Rochester has a dark secret. A secret that will rock Thornfield Hall to its very foundations…

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529506624
  • Published: 04 Jan 2024
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 224

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Customer reviews


'Lawrence’s pared-back, heartfelt retelling distils the richness and drama of Brontë’s masterpiece into a 9+ novel that’s both satisfying in its own right and a springboard to the original. Her introduction also touches on the book ’s treatment of mental health and people of colour; a subtle nudge to young readers to think critically, even as they “wallow in Charlotte Brontë’s gorgeous language.' The Guardian

'With great skill, Lawrence helps readers fall for Jane’s determination and Rochester’s dark, brooding presence, and although the story is abridged, all the passion and drama of Brontë’s original remains. A triumph.' The Bookseller

'Patrice Lawrence’s abridgement for eight-to-12-year-olds manages to do justice to Brontë’s heroine – and the so-called ‘troubling’ passages...if this highly readable version can whet their young appetites for the Victorian classics, then its purpose will have been well served.' The Daily Telegraph

'One of the highlights of my reading year! I absolutely adored this retelling of Jane Eyre and would urge readers of all ages to buy it. I was initially a little skeptical about how such a classic could be rewritten whilst retaining the atmosphere of the original but oh my goodness Patrice Lawrence has nailed this. The way in which she cleverly explains aspects of Victorian living to young modern readers whilst maintaining the pace and tension of the story is perfect. The atmosphere of the cold, harsh settings created are as close to the original as they can be and many times I forgot that this was a retelling. Magnificent!' NetGalley Reviewer

'This wonderful abridged version is a perfect introduction to classics for younger readers and it is so accessible and understandable whilst skillfully keeping the main points from the original novel… The atmosphere of the original text is still visible in this shortened version… This abridged version of Jane Eyre will make a wonderful addition to any upper primary school library/classroom and be a great class read.' Little Blog of Library Treasures

'Patrice Lawrence’s retelling of Jane Eyre is beautifully crafted, resulting in an accessible page-turner which largely stays true to the original narrative, with adept handling of the more troubling aspects of Bronte’s novel... This version with its fresh, clean prose and a focus on plot will open up Jane Eyre’s world to the reluctant and struggling readers I work with, and it would also be ideal for EAL students. Highly recommended!' NetGalley Reviewer

'I liked it a lot, it had a simplicity that I enjoyed, and though it wasn't my intention to compare them, I felt it still captured the essence of the original. I connected with Jane and her story, as I have before, and I hope that others will too.' NetGalley

'In a book which is about a quarter of the length of the original, Patrice Lawrence has managed to maintain both the atmosphere of the book and Jane’s character… Not only does this version serve as a possible stepping stone to the original, it is also sure to support many for whom the original- in both length and language- is too much, allowing those readers to experience Jane’s story. Reader, I enjoyed it.' Through the Bookshelf

'Expertly abridged, yet staying true to Charlotte Bronte’s classic novel, this skilfully written first person narrative, is a splendid introduction to the original. Patrice Lawrence’s fresh prose maintains Bronte’s powerful atmosphere and key themes.' Red Reading Hub

'I liked how the chapters are broken down to key events of Janes life, and it was great to read a little about the author.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 8

'This abridged version is perfect for confident readers, and picks out all the most important parts of the story to make it easy to read. I loved how it was split with illustrations of the different places Jane goes to live at. A wonderfully mysterious and gripping story.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Really good retelling, hopefully a jump start to my 12 year old wanting to tackle the original! Will definitely help if it's read in English class! The print is also a good size for Dyslexic readers!' Toppsta Reviewer

'I enjoyed reading this abridged version and commend the author for packing in all of the main events in a measured and evocative way. She explains that ‘it was wonderful to wallow in Charlotte Bronte’s gorgeous language’ and I think that this version complements the quality of the original novel. It makes me want to reread this and wonder if some younger readers will be intrigued to try it for themselves.' the Letterpress Project

'This book gives the characters a new lease of life and will captivate new generations of audiences. There is still plenty of archaic language to expose young readers to. I would recommend.' Toppsta Reviewer

'Patrice has captured the essence of the original story but has also ensured that mental health, misogyny, plantation wealth and depictions of Caribbean people are portrayed with greater sensitivity and awareness in her version… With incredible illustrations by Hannah Peck, this is a fantastic addition to libraries, schools and bed-side tables up and down the country.' My Book Corner

'Patrice does a brilliant job of making the story so much more than just a romantic tale… A truly tragic tale, but one with light at the end. I am inclined now to try the original!' Toppsta Reviewer

'This is an excellent retelling of the classic story of Jane Eyre… . It is retold in a way that kept the interest of my 10 year old while still stretching her in terms of the language used.' Toppsta Reviewer reading with a 10 year old

'This version of Jane Eyre will bring new readers and a new perspective to the classic story.' WRD Magazine

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