Montgomery Bonbon: Death at the Lighthouse

By Alasdair Beckett-King

Illustrated by Claire Powell

The second instalment in a brilliantly clever, funny and highly illustrated murder mystery series

Bonnie Montgomery is finally getting a holiday from cracking cases as her alter-ego, Montgomery Bonbon, when something terribly fishy happens the moment she and Grampa Banks arrive on Odde Island – and it's not just the smell of the harbour. There's been a mysterious death at the lighthouse, and what everyone assumed was an accident is setting Bonbon's moustache all a-quiver: something is Highly Suspicious. When a second death takes place, Bonnie is sure the two are connected. But can she solve this case alone, or will she need double the detectives to solve double the murder?

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 9+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529505818
  • Published: 05 Oct 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 198 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 304

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Customer reviews


'For any readers who LOVE whodunnits, Montgomery Bonbon is the book to read! The funniest detectives in children's fiction – I loved it so much. Put on your fake moustaches and join the murdery fun!' Maisie Chan

'Montgomery Bonbon and ABK have struck again with another hilarious crime-solving mystery. I didnt think Alasdair's writing could get any funnier but somehow he did. The Montgomery Bonbon series is such a brilliantly comical series that I genuinely believe is equally enjoyable for both middle grade readers and adults alike. Also who doesn't love a locked-room mystery that is super satisfying to try and solve. 5-stars easy!' NetGalley

'The writing is very accessible to students and the illustration is adorable. Sometimes detective stories for children may come across as being a bit bland, but this one is definitely a fun-filled read.' NetGalley

'From the moment I opened the book I couldn’t stop smiling. I fell in love with the writing style straight away – quirky, humorous and light hearted.' NetGalley Reviewer

'The cheery wit and humour are just as strong here as they were in the first book - plenty of good puns - creating a charming and fun world that just happens to be filled with murder and mystery that will keep readers guessing and wanting more.' NetGalley Reviewer

'I find these mysteries absolutely brilliant. Filled with excellent one liners, jokes that you need to read twice to get the full humour and characters who roll off the page.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Perfect for confident readers in Year 4 upwards, it’s really lovely to see a book with so many pictures in it aimed at the top end of primary school; this, coupled with the book’s relatively short length of 304 pages, will make this a really tempting read for many young readers.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Book is interesting, with nice pictures. I did not guess the ending, but it was fun trying to solve the mystery on my own.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 11

'This was an exciting read and was written with humour. The illustrations are very good and added to the reading experience. The characters are very relatable and the story comes together easily.' Toppsta Reviewer age 10

'I really loved this as it was the perfect follow on from Alasdair Beckett-King's first Montgomery Bonbon novel. I loved the crime element and how its portrayed, it feels suspenseful without feeling silly or too dry. I thought the new characters that were introduced were really interesting and i love how Beckett-King writes them. I can't wait for more in this series' NetGalley Reviewer

'Another fun and exciting mystery in the Montgomery Bonbon series. I feel like the series has bedded in with this addition. The characterisation is brilliant, Alasdair has created an original and intriguing cast of characters who you can't help but love. For me his voice is really compelling and it makes me want to read more in the series. Claire Powell's exquisite illustrations are wonderfully detailed and full of humour and mischief. It's always a thumbs up from me to see illustrations in middle grade books.' NetGalley Reviewer

'Readers will love solving the mystery right along with this charming pair. Claire Powell’s illustrations bring so much personality to the characters and elevate Montgomery Bonbon from a brilliant mystery to an iconic character. Find your beret, trench coat and false moustache and join Montogomery Bonbon on the next case!' NetGalley Reviewer

'There are many reasons I could recommend this title, the illustrations from Claire Powell which bring it to life […] The way that Alasdair Beckett-King appears to so effortlessly be able to make me laugh at the hilarious dialogue and story line. […] Another wonderful adventure for a pair who are becoming well-known in the detective world!' Armadillo Magazine

'Wit and humour abound, there’s a plethora of puns, and at the same time, intrigue and high drama […] All this accompanied by Claire Powell’s delightful illustrations which help elucidate some of the clues. A terrific sequel with more to come.' Red Reading Hub

'I enjoyed this murder mystery book which was quite funny in places. The plot of this book was quite unique… There are a few illustrations in the book and I liked them. I really enjoyed this book and read it all in one go as I could not put it down,'

'This is a really great murder mystery which is fun because you can try to work out who the murderer is as you read the book. It isn’t gruesome or scary… The characters are brilliant and I love the voice that Bonnie puts on when she is Montgomery Bonbon the detective. The illustrations fit perfectly and there are lots of them which I loved. You really feel like you’re part of Bonnie’s world when you’re reading the book'

'The illustrations that weave throughout the pages of the book are fantastic and just add to the story. I really enjoyed reading this book to my Year 3/4 class and they absolutely loved it as well. They loved all the funny lines and onion references throughout. Now, they're just begging for me to read the first Montgomery Bonbon book to them next!' Toppsta Reviewer

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