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By Angie Thomas

The highly anticipated second novel from one of the literary voices of a generation.

Movie now streaming on Paramount+ No. 1 New York Times bestseller The award-winning author of The Hate U Give returns with a powerful story about hip hop, freedom of speech and fighting for your dreams, even as the odds are stacked against you. Bri wants to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. As the daughter of an underground hip hop legend who died right before he hit big, Bri’s got massive shoes to fill. But when her first song goes viral for all the wrong reasons, Bri finds herself at the centre of controversy and portrayed by the media as more menace than MC...

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For readers aged: 14+

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  • Format: Reflowable
  • ISBN: 9781406391138
  • Published: 08 Jan 2019
  • Price: £0.00
  • Pages: 448

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Customer reviews


'“Thomas, a former rapper herself, packs so much into these 448 pages, but they fly along with the agility of one of Bri’s freestyles.”' The Times, Children’s Book of the Week

'“There is no second-book syndrome here. Unflinching, honest and brimming with humanity, Thomas writes with confidence and conviction about kids seldom seen in literature… Bri’s frustrated, angry lyrics are pure magic.”' The Observer

'“The phrase “voice of a generation” is surely one of the most overused in popular culture. Angie Thomas, however, is one of the rare authors for whom it rings true… Her second, On the Come Up, proves that success was no fluke.”' i newspaper

'“Best for: Making you laugh, cry and cheer out loud. . . an acute dissection of the way black girls are objectified and stereotyped by today’s society.”' i newspaper

'“When THUG came out, Thomas was branded “the voice of a generation”; On the Come Up proves that those accolades were not premature. Clever, thoughtful and thoroughly addictive, it deserves to be one of the biggest hits of the year.”' i newspaper

'“Achingly authentic.”' The iWeekend

'“[…] incredibly powerful.”' The Irish Times

'“[…] it packs as much of a punch as the first […]”' The Times

'“Thomas’s writing is fresh, bold and she pulls no punches; On The Come Up is gripping, moving and full of heart.”' The Scotsman

'“With the same compelling authenticity as its predecessor, this is a young adult novel with the sort of voice not often heard loud enough. Not just a page turner, but a character who’ll stay with you too.”' Grazia

'“In her intensely powerful, deeply felt second novel, Thomas, a former rapper herself, demonstrates a ferocious, innovative gift; apparently without effort, she imbues words on a silent page with as much passionate, satirical life as if the reader is hearing Bri’s tracks at first hand.”' Times Literary Supplement

'“[…] another intelligent, nuanced look at the struggles facing young black women.”' Radio Times

'“Passionate and powerful, On The Come Up is a call to the silenced: find your voice, stay true and make some noise.”' Metro

'“This novel is a gripping, joyous read, even as it exposes the racism and lack of opportunities facing black Americans.”' iPaper

'“Impeccably plotted, with a multiple storylines woven to a pulse-pounding conclusion, this is an astoundingly affecting novel that shines a light on the struggles of young black women, and celebrates freedom of speech and making noise about who you are, as seen through unforgettable Bri, a 100% authentic character whom readers will root for, cry for, yell out loud for, and grin for joy with.”' LoveReading4Kids

'“On The Come Up is that book; a must-read of the year. YA fiction at its very best, it speaks with a genuine voice. This book is real.”' Fallen Star Stories

'“At only thirty years old, Angie Thomas has already achieved much and seems bound to go on to more successes. Her writing seems bound to grip many young readers of every colour; their parents could also well find themselves drawn into it too.”' Read for Keeps

'“This makes On the Come Up sound worthy and heavy going, but it is actually joyous and very funny.” “It is also a celebration of African American cultural achievement in music, TV and film, bursting with references that feel like a gift to readers who don’t usually see their lives represented in this way.”' Patrice Lawrence, author of Orange Boy and Indigo Donut

'“When your debut novel makes as much of an impact as The Hate U Give did (and is still doing), there’s no doubt that the scrutiny on your next novel will be intense. Enter Angie Thomas with On the Come Up to show you how it’s done[…] Angie Thomas has crafted another instantly engaging story that soon proves itself to be just as powerful and important as its predecessor.”' Culture Fly

'“Angie Thomas is undeniably wondrous… Another important, gripping, rousing read.”' The Belfast Telegraph (Press Association Syndicated Reviews)

'“While they may sit in the YA section, Thomas' books cover topics that are so relevant and eye opening, everyone should read them.”' Bustle

'“Thomas has a flair for writing genuine characters with recognisable characteristics, allowing her readers to place themselves in the centre of the story and become one with the narrative. In doing so, she ensures that the story is one you care about every step of the way. This is another triumph.”' Female First

'“Featuring fierce and fearless Bri who wants to be a rapper, this is a brilliant follow-up to one of our favourite reads of 2018. Once again Angie Thomas has her finger on the pulse of a street generation.”' WRDExtra

'“Angie Thomas is undeniably wondrous.”' Woman’s Way

'“[…] a brilliant follow up to one of our favourite reads of 2018.”' WRDExtra

'Insightful, unflinching and full of heart, “On the Come Up” is an ode to hip-hop from one of the most influential literary voices of this generation.' Morningstar.com

'This novel is complex, moving, with the strongest voice I think I’ve ever read. The characters are described with such heart that you’re in no doubt that it’s the circumstances, not the people that they want to move beyond.' Amnesty International, Perfect books to give this Christmas

'This is the second novel from Angie Thomas, author of the absolute phenomenon The Hate U Give, so that’s enough to make it a must-read.' Paste Magazine’s ‘The 19 Best Young Adult Novels of 2019’

'Thomas always paints a deeply emotional and intricate picture of race and class in her work, but she also proves she deeply understands the issues young people face when it comes to social media and cultural pressures.' Variety, The Best Books of 2019

'Featured in an interview with Angie Thomas in Teen Vogue.' Teen Vogue

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