Ten-Word Tiny Tales

By Joseph Coelho

Illustrated by Various

From Joseph Coelho comes a compendium featuring twenty brilliantly illustrated tiny tales, each only ten words long!

“Invite me in,” she says, outside my tenth storey window... Is it possible to spin a tale using just ten words? It most certainly is! In this unique and magnificent compendium designed to spark the imagination, Joseph Coelho brings us stories of underwater worlds, demon hamsters, bears in outer space, and portals to places unknown ... all in just ten words! Each tale has been paired with one of the finest illustrators working today – and, together, the words and pictures will create a space for creativity as young readers imagine how the story might unravel. They might even be inspired to pen a ten word tiny tale of their own! Prefaced by a note from Joseph Coelho, and with two creative writing challenges at the back, this is the perfect gift for all those ready to unleash their imaginations.

Categories: Picture Books

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Hardback
  • ISBN: 9781529502688
  • Published: 03 Aug 2023
  • Price: £14.99
  • Size: 245 x 190 mm
  • Pages: 56

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Customer reviews


'Coelho crams whole worlds into his 10 words but also exhorts his readers to fill in the gaps […] for the right child it will open doorways into new worlds. Give this to your kids and they’ll hopefully be inspired to start telling you stories from the prompts provided at bedtime.' The Independent, syndicated via NewsChain

'It’s never too early to jump-start your literary career, and Ten-Word Tiny Tales, the latest book by Joseph Coelho, offers a crash course in the art of creative writing to children as young as seven.' The Daily Telegraph

'“In this playful, unsettling collection for 7+, Coelho’s ultra-concise tales, featuring broken hamster cages, underwater carnivals and bears in outer space, are amplified by images from Shaun Tan, Dapo Adeola and many others, inviting kids to dive through strange portals of imagination.' Guardian

'Young readers who enjoy creative writing will find plenty of inspiration in Ten-Word Tiny Tales by Joseph Coelho and Friends […] A variety of illustrators - including Alex T .Smith, Yoko Tanaka and Shaun Tan - is an added confection for this original compendium, which will have children pulling out their notebooks to write their own tales.' Irish Times

'If you have a child at home who loves using her or his imagination, this is the perfect book. […] Great fun.' Irish Independent

'UK Waterstones Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho creates an unmissable compendium of tales that are small but mighty. Each story is only ten words long but will certainly stop readers in their tracks. […] A clever and creative book not to be missed.' Irish Examiner

'In each of the ten word stories Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho plants a wonderful seed of an idea which will spark the imagination of readers of all ages. Each is like the fizzing start of a story which could take off in a host of directions. These prompts will inspire curiosity about the different scenarios that are hinted at but not completed in these tales. [...] The stories will encourage everyone who reads them to write their own versions of ‘what happens next’. Or, to write their own Ten-Word Tiny Tales!' Lovereading4kids

'A wealth of creative talent is showcased in this unusual title […] this is a book that will appeal to fans of picture books and illustration, as well as those who like to be just a little creeped out.' The Bookseller

'Aimed at inspiring reluctant readers to write and with two creative writing challenges at the back, this is an ideal resource for any home or classroom.' The Bookseller

'A spectacular celebration of imagination and art […] Each of the ten-word stories has been masterfully interpreted in picture form and will provide limitless opportunities for creativity and conversation. An absolute must-have.' WRD Magazine

'Be bemused, intrigued and even a little scared by this collection of tiny tales from the children's laureate.' The Bookseller Buyer's Guide

'Joseph invited twenty artist friends to provide an illustrative interpretation, each one bringing a unique style to the enterprise. The resulting double-page spreads, through the interplay of words and pictures, are in turn mysterious, surreal, inexplicable or downright sinister. […] A real treasure box this, with endless potential for creativity both at home and in school.' Red Reading Hub

'There are some books which are an absolute gift to teachers- and this is one of them! Captured in these pages in endless inspiration and story-telling joy, showing how creative ideas can bloom from any tiny seed.' Through the Bookshelf

'If Joseph Coelho set out to inspire children, and adults, then I think he has achieved it with this book. It is as unique as it is intelligent. It truly does spark the imagination, with each ten-word tale that we read the ideas it prompted could not have been more varied, excitedly told and ready to be acted upon. Even the most reluctant of storytelling children will be inspired by the wonder of this book.' Armadillo Magazine

'This is the perfect gift for creative minds ready to unleash their imaginations.' Preneur World

'So clever! As a primary school teacher this book filled me with excitement and it had the same effect on my classes. We had so many great discussions about the authors choice of words […] The creative work that could be done following these stories were unlimited.' Toppsta Reviewer

'I love the idea of this book […] we had great fun trying to condense some of our favourite stories into 10 words, it made you think about what were the most important words to capture the essence of the story.' Toppsta Reviewer

'This book is a wealth of endless creative opportunities! […] Having a collection of illustrations from such amazing artists, all in one book, is jaw dropping in itself. However, the open-ended interpretation of these perfectly crafted ten-word stories leads to an abundance of opportunities for the reader to ponder and create their own spin.' Toppsta Reviewer

'A beautiful book to share and inspire children to write creatively. […]My 9 year old loved predicting what might happen next using what he had read and could see. I know my year 4 class will also love it and I'll be using it for writing intervention groups and in whole class reading sessions.' Toppsta Reviewer

'It was thought provoking and really caught my imagination with the words and illustrations. A very inspiring book with lovely illustrations.' Toppsta Reviewer

'This is a compelling idea and Joseph carries it off with panache. […] There is no talking down. He challenges his audience to pick the idea that catches the attention, then to take up a pencil (or pen) and write for five minutes continuously. It is an intriguing notion – and one easy to launch whether at home or in a classroom. […] His enthusiasm is contagious. Truly inspirational.' Books for Keeps

'This is – like all good brainwaves – such a simple idea. And because it’s simple it opens a creative door that anyone can walk through. This book will work perfectly in a classroom setting and at home.' The Letterpress Project

'Ten stories, told in ten words and accompanying illustration, and an irresistible invitation to readers to continue the story.' Books for Keeps Christmas Gift Guide

'In this beautifully produced hardback, UK Children’s Laureate Joseph Coelho succeeds in presenting twenty unique tiny tales, accompanied by stunning illustrations from a wide range of artists… This is a thoroughly enjoyable read and the artwork is nothing short of excellent. A triumphant collaboration between writer and illustrators, this is a truly unique read for all ages.' Children's Books Ireland and RTÉ

'An ingenious and simply splendid collection of tales…accompanied by gorgeous, detailed illustrations by a host of artists from all over the globe.' English 4-11

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