The Wishkeeper's Apprentice

By Rachel Chivers Khoo

Illustrated by Rachel Sanson

A charming new classic about the power of wishes in a beautiful gift edition with black-and-white illustrations throughout. Perfect for fans of Harklights and Starfell.

“Full of wonder and magic.” Abi Elphinstone "Supremely charming.” Carlie Sorosiak Wishes do come true... When Felix makes a special and desperate wish, little does he realize he is about to be catapulted into a secret world of magic and adventure. Now, Felix is an apprentice wishkeeper and must save the town's wishes from the terrifying wishsnatcher, who wants to destroy hopes and dreams everywhere. Beautiful black-and-white illustrations and a smaller format make this book the perfect gift for young fans of magic and adventure.

Categories: Fiction

For readers aged: 7+

  • Publication details:
  • Format: Paperback
  • ISBN: 9781529507904
  • Published: 02 Mar 2023
  • Price: £7.99
  • Size: 180 x 129 mm
  • Pages: 240

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Customer reviews


'"Ideal for newly confident readers, this debut novel from Rachel Chivers Khoo breaths fresh air into a familiar fantasy trope."' Telegraph

'“Full of wonder and magic.”' Abi Elphinstone

'"A fun and original adventure with a zing of magic."' L.D. Lapinski

'"Imaginative, heart-warming... A magical tale."' A.F. Steadman

'"Supremely charming.”' Carlie Sorosiak

'"A story full of wishes and a big dollop of magic"' Hannah Gold

'" [a] stunningly illustrated tale abounding in magic"' Waterstones

'Sweet, funny fantasy adventure with age-appropriate peril.' Irish Independent

'Charming and magical, with shades of E Nesbit, The Wishkeeper's Apprentice also digs deep into the question of what makes us real-and shows how love is the only thing that matters.' The Bookseller, Editor's Choice, March 2023 Previews

'Such a gorgeous, charming story, so wonderfully told - and the illustrations are stunning too. An absolute treat!' Aisling Fowler

'A magical delight.' Irish Examiner

'A classic in the making.' Ten Titles Not to Miss, The Bookseller

'I loved this book from the moment I picked it up! […] The story whips along at an unputdownable pace […] and the plot wraps up perfectly, with a heartwarming finish. I can see this becoming an instant comfort read for confident 7+ readers and anyone who feels like they don’t quite ‘fit in’, which, at times, is everyone!' Inis Magazine

'This is an entertaining story, full of excitement with endearing characters and some hair-raising moments.' Primary Times

'Playful, charming and exciting.' The Letterpress Project

'Crackling with magic and charm.' The Breadcrumb Forest

'Younger readers will love this magical adventure story with fabulous illustrations to bring it to life. And there’s a map, who doesn’t love a map at the start of a book?! A really good read with jeopardy, magic, action and a recipe for Snorlicks for when you feel downcast and disheartened.' Read For Good

'Fun magical lower middle grade story with themes of the importance of hope and sibling love.' NetGalley Reviewer

'The right mixture of humour, magic and love.' NetGalley Reviewer

'This book will be adored by all who read it.' K and O Bonkers About Books

'An enchanting magical story for younger readers with a classic feel.' NetGalley Reviewer

'An exciting, adventurous and very dramatic book. It shows that hope, care, and love will always win over the bad times in life.' Kids Book Reviews, Books Up North

'Beautiful, heartwarming and a book that is definitely needed in the world […] a real mix of magic and heart.' ReadingZone

'Warm hearted, charming and delightfully illustrated.' ReadingZone

'Add to Rachel Chivers Khoo’s superb storytelling, Rachel Sanson’s black and white visuals, which add even more sparkle to this book: it’s a cracker either shared with a class or as a solo read.' Red Reading Hub

'What an enchanting story! It has a warm-hearted, charming quality which makes it instantly engaging and is full of delightful illustrations.' Through the Bookshelf

'The Wishkeepers Apprentice a great example of always believe in things that seem nearly impossible to others, including yourself.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 13

'What a fab story! […] We really enjoyed reading about Felix' exploits and found the story very adventurous and enjoyable.' Toppsta Reviewer

'This is a magical and adventurous story that I really really enjoyed reading. […] It was very easy to read, but my favourite thing was the illustrations throughout the book. They were so good and different on every pages that it made me want to read the book more and more to see what would the next illustrations be.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 7

'This is such a magical adventure story. It has great illustrations which really help engage with the characters and understand the scenes which is a lovely addition. It is very charming, and made for the perfect read for an 8 year old.' Toppsta Reviewer, age 9

'I like all the wishes that are being granted, they are things I would wish for too like marshmallows and bikes!' Toppsta Reviewer, age 9

'The illustrations, in black and white are really creative and give depth to the story. This is a real fantasy full of adventure! Real well presented and easy for children to read alone.' Toppsta Reviewer

'The book has some beautiful illustrations which really help with the story telling. The idea of a Wishkeeper is really original and the book flowed really well. We really hope there will be more in the series and my daughter has taken the book to re-read to herself which is always a good sign!' Toppsta Reviewer

'I really enjoyed this new release. It's a great little chapter book for confident year 3 readers. It's nicely illustrated too. Recommended.' Toppsta Reviewer

'A delightfully charming and perfectly plotted adventure that packs a real emotional punch.' BookTrust

'This heartwarming story has just the right amount of dark and light to keep readers both gripped and enchanted, and Rachel Sanson’s illustrations add a perfect magical touch to the pages, […] A perfect adventure story for developing young readers, with a positive and hopeful message about the power of wishes and believing in yourself.' Books for Keeps

'The story emphasizes the power of wishes and the importance of hope, friendship and family ties in a heart-warming way. With charming illustrations throughout and a detailed map at the start, this book will appeal to readers who love tales of quests and magic' The School Librarian

'A wonderful book with a brilliant and magical story and one I would recommend to everyone, both children and adults to read.' The Strawberry Post

'There is a wonderful love of words in the writing, from author Rachel Khoo, and the plot ambles along nicely. Perfect for readers in Year 3 or 4, (7-9).' The English Association

'The story whips along at an unputdownable pace, the thrills are mild enough not to cause upset, and the plot wraps up perfectly, with a heartwarming finish. I can see this becoming an instant comfort read for anyone who feels like they don’t quite ‘fit in’.' Reading Matters Guide 2023

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