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Anna Hibiscus Song Activity Sheet

Anna Hibiscus Splash Activity Sheet

This is Not My Hat 

Maisy Party Pack - activities and games

Guess How Much I Love You 25th Anniversary - activities

Owl Babies 

Little Fish Activity Sheets

Will You Be My Friend Activity Sheets 

Maisy 30th Anniversary Activity Pack 


Age 3 +


Ten in the Bed

Ten Things I Can Do To Help My World – activities

I Want My Hat Back - design your own hat!

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Activities 

A Great Big Cuddle - Time to Rhyme & Spot the Difference

The Christmas Eve Tree

I Am Bear

Alan's Big, Scary Teeth

Five Minutes' Peace

We Found a Hat

A Child of Books

Penguin Problems 

Also an Octopus 

A Busy Day for Birds

Bear Hunt Colouring Sheet 


We're Going on a Bear Hunt 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt World Book Day Activity Sheets

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Bugs and Birds 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: Storytelling Kit

Mrs Mole, I'm Home!  

King of the Sky  

Owl Babies

Ruby in the Ruins 

No, Nancy, No!

Julian is a Mermaid

Kiss the Crocodile

Tooth Fairy in Training

Tiny and Teeny

Pick a Pumpkin 

Would You Like a Banana?

Not an Alphabet Book: The Case of the Missing Cake 

Circle by Klassen & Barnett

Tropical Terry Activity Sheet

Sam & Dave Dig a Hole 

Puffin Peter Activity Sheet

Shh! We Have a Plan 

Hugo Acitivty Sheets

Bunnies on the Bus 

Bunnies on the Bus -  Bunny Ears 

Follow Me, Flo! 

The Tale of a Toothbrush 

Karate Kids 

Don't Worry, Little Crab

A First Book of the Sea 

Julian at the Weddin

Rain Before Rainbows 

Gustavo, The Shy Ghost 

Where Snow Angels Go 

Santa Post

Ella's Night Lights

The Hanukkah Magic of Nate Gadol 

The Lipstick 


The Rock From The Sky 

Frog vs Toad

How to be Cooler Than Cool

Dance with Oti: The Bird Jive

 My Red Hat

Ernest the Elephant



Age 5 +


Bartie Bristle and Other Stories - Activity Sheets

Mango & Bambang Superstar Tapir - Activity Sheets

Madame Badobedah Activity Pack

Where's Wally? Activity Sheets

Let's Save Series Activity Pack 

Unicornia: Learning to Fly Activity Pack


Age 7+


Draw your own Shakespeare Cartoons by Marcia Williams

Judy Moody – activities and games

The Tale of Despereaux – Chatterpack for libraries

Julius Zebra: Grapple with the Greeks Extract

Princess in Black - Event Kit

Timmy Failure Activity Sheets

Timmy Failure Resource Pack

Timmy Failure A2 Poster


The Fantastic Book of Feelings First Aid Cards 

The Wishkeepers Apprentice 

Rex Dinosaur in Disguise: Undercover Aliens 


Age 9+


Girls FC - World Cup activities

Tha Magician's Elephant magic tricks

Winter at Hogwarts colouring sheets

Get Coding 2 Activity Sheets

Football School Activity Sheets

Nevertell - Digital Sampler

Alex Rider 20th Anniversary Activity Sheets

Football School: The Ultimate Puzzle Book Activity Pack

The Promise Witch Activity Sheets

Malamander Activity Sheets

Gargantis Activity Sheets

Shadowghast Activity Sheets

Unleash Your Creative Monster - Digital Sampler

The Chime Seekers - Digital Sampler

Eerie-on-Sea Escape Room 

The Great Fox Illusion - Digital Sampler

Legendarium - Digital Sampler

Agent Asha: Operation Cyber Chop - Digital Sampler

The Secret Wild - Digital Sampler

The Bookshop at the Back of Beyond Activity Pack 

Nightshade Revenge Activity Sheet 

Magicalia: Race of Wonders Activity Pack

Age 12+


The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker - Digital Sampler

The Good Hawk - Digital Sampler

The Midnight Guardians - Digital Sampler

Glassheart - Digital Sampler

The Broken Raven - Digital Sampler

Concrete Rose - Digital Sampler

All Our Hidden Gifts - Digital Sampler

Game Changer - Digital Sampler

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne - Digital Sampler

The Outlaws Scarlett and Browne - Activity Kit

The Black Friend - Digital Sampler

Burn - Digital Sampler

YALC 2021 - YA Digital Sampler

Sex Ed - Digital Sampler

Roxy - Digital Sampler